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Integrated Research Advances (IRA) is a biannual and online international multidisciplinary peer-reviewed, and refereed  research journal. Integrated Research Advances Journal publishes research articles, short communications, review articles, mini-reviews, and insights from all branches of Science and Technology including Engineering, Medical, Dental & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Instruments development, analytical tools, science education, and research methodologies.

Focus and Scope

Journal publishes articles from all branches of science and technology. All research areas are categorized in following categories:

  1. Agricultural and Forestory Sciences
  2. Animal, Veterinary & Fishery Sciences
  3. Anthropological and Behavioural Sciences (including Archaeology, Psychology, Education, and Military Sciences)
  4. Chemical Sciences
  5. Earth System Sciences
  6. Engineering Sciences
  7. Environmental Sciences
  8. Information and Communication Sciences & Technology
  9. (Including Computer sciences, Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics)
  10. Medical Sciences (Including Physiology, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dental Sciences)
  11. Mathematical Sciences
  12. New Biology (including Biochemistry, Biophysics, & Molecular Biology)
  13. Physical Sciences
  14. Plant Sciences
  15. Philosophy of the subject (eg. Philosophy of Chemistry), research ethics, research methodologies and education 

Researchers, scholars, Scientists, College teachers, postgraduate and undergraduates  students are invited to submit their research or review articles for publication in Integrated Research Advances. College students can also publish summarized short review of their project dissertation.
Integrated Research advances is a journal with international coverage and supported by editorial board from across the globe.

The journal dedicated for the promotion and dissemination of knowledge. We accept research papers in multidisciplinary areas of research. There is no processing fee for accepted papers. 

The authors of the accepted papers can transfer the copyright to journal in through duly signed copy right transfer form available on website or http://pubs.iscience.in/copyright.

Section Policies

All submitted articles will be processed, reviewed before expert / peer review. 

Original Research Articles
Research Articles, Reviews, short communications, full paper. [Details]

Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students' Research Articles will be considered only when duly attested and checked by mentor / supervisor. Please send attestation certificate with your manuscript. [Details]

Articles by college teachers on their developed class notes on selected topics. The work may be augumented with ppt files as supporting information. For submission of ppt/pdf files, please email to iraeditor@gmail.com . [Details]

Insights are in depth summarization of any specific and small topic (like ChemInsights contain details of use of any specific reagent or detailed uses of particular reaction, BioInsights contain details of specific biological phenomenon).Viewpoint/Commentaries are also accepted in this section. [Details]